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Word from the President

Over the years, thanks to our worldwide network present in 191 countries and our portfolio of 180 airline clients, we have acquired a second to none knowledge of the commercial and distribution fields of the air transport industry.

Having been in contact with so many airlines, we understand that their commercial and distribution efficiency could be much more profitable if the managers were more familiar with the tools that they have at their disposal.

We have this experience and we are willing to share it with you.

This is why we have created the APG Academy.

We don’t intend to teach the theories, but instead we will have a very practical approach.  In other terms, after having followed each module, the participants will be able to manage by themselves this range of activity. Each module is independent from the others but all together, they cover the entire scope of commercial and distribution aspects.

Modules have been designed around 5 working days, so one single week, because we understand that it might be difficult for an airline executive to be out from his company for too long.

We want to make it simple, useful, and practical.  In other words, each participant will get a high value for the invested money. The pricing model includes everything with the exception of travel. The participants will not have to look for accommodation or meals etc… We’ll provide all these important details.

The people who will be most interested are the airline executives working in the commercial, distribution and marketing fields, but as well the ones involved in finance. On another side, the travel agents, airport and governmental authorities will have as well a great interest to know perfectly all the mechanisms which are running the air transport industry.